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Parents and Instructors Communications

Tutor will contact parents from time to time when needed, parents are also welcomed to call us any time.


Class Schedule and School Calendar

Please attend classes according to your enrolment. 


Any absence for personal reasons (including sickness) for group classes and summer courses are not entitled to make-up class and are non-refundable. To avoid affecting learning progress, please collect classwork from us for self-study at home with your children.


Class Rules

There will be no makeup time for late comers. 

Please bring along school bag, workbook, textbook and required stationaries to the class.


Please remind your children to complete homework assignments.

Student should be disciplined to avoid distracting other students 


No toys, valuables to be carried to the classroom.  Wing Fong is not responsible for any loss of personal valuables.


Parent needs to pay for any serious damage he/she made on any stationary, devices, booklet or tools.



Health and Hygiene

If the child has special health conditions, such as asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc., please let the center know.


To prevent infectious diseases (such as influenza, chicken pox, HFMD, etc.) in the center of the spread, the center has been recommended by Centre for Health Protection, Health and take all precautions to ensure that the center’s clean. In case of any child physical discomfort (such as fever), parents should let the students stay home.

Importance of Persistence in Learning

Persistence is the most important factor in successful learning. 

Short-term learning is not only a waste of money and time, it also encourages a negative behavior of letting go/giving up easily for children. 

Pausing in between of studies may need to pay double efforts to keep up on track in the long run. 


Please inform tutors at least two weeks in advance if students plan to go on a holiday/vacation for better homework preparation.

Gentle Advises

Encouragement and appreciation is helpful in children learning

We should accept individual differences and avoid criticism or comparison with others


Typhoon No.1/3 or Red Rainstorm

All class will be held as scheduled including the classes for kindergarten students.

Parents may decide whether to bring their children to the class.

For those students who cannot come to the class during this period, parents can come to pick up their homework by appointment with our tutor.

No make-up class will be offered.

Typhoon No.8 or Black Rainstorm

All classes will be cancelled if Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered before 4pm, all classes will resume normal within 2 hours after Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered.

If Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered at or after 4pm, all classes will only be resumed on the next working day.

For cancelled classes, parents can come to pick up their homework by appointment with our tutor.

There will not be any make-up classes for any cancelled class

School Fees

Students must in advance settle school fees for placement reservation.

All payments are neither non-refundable nor transferrable once collected.

Please note all tutors must order teaching resources with Eye Level headquarters for each student in advance. Therefore, school fees must be settled on or before the 2nd last class of the current enrollment. Reminder will be sent via text message. Otherwise, Centre reserves the right to refuse to admit the student to further classes, and may offer the student’s place to another student without further notice.


All payments are neither transferable nor refundable once collected.

Withdrawal notice should be submitted at least one month in advance

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