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Embracing Multi-cultural and creative education




"Music is our strength"

Music Director - Yuki Choi

Wing Fong students' favouriate music courses include Piano, Violin, Guitar and Gu Zheng. Many students are also interested in Cello, Di Zi and other Chinese instruments. 


We organise studnet music concert regularly to charllenge our students and teachers. We also invite talents from Hong Kong and China to perform and inspire our students. We hope our students get used to performing on stage, so that in the future, they will be comfortable when they participate formal stage performances and music exams.

"Art is our passion"

We would like to increase the awareness for creative education in the local community and redefine the limitation for creativity. We want children to believe in their ability to create and to solve problems. 


Feel free to enquire about "Creative Visual Art Course"

"We teach with our heart"

Tutoring Director - Natasha Wong

We are a registed school under Hong Kong Education Bureau(Registration No.557536). We hope our students not only develop sense of music and art, we hope that our students are getting outstanding academic results at school. 

We provide homework and specific subjects tutoring courses for the students who wish to improve or to stay on top of the class. We also have English Phonics and speaking classes and Olympian maths classes...etc. 

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